Getting started with your iPhone 4

Getting started with iPhone 3GS?

Got your new iPhone 4? Here's what to do before you start exploring its fantastic features. If you don't want to keep your existing Vodafone mobile phone number, skip straight to Step 2. If you're joining us from another network, you can skip Steps 1 and 4.

Need help getting set up?

Pop into your nearest Vodafone store and we'll help you get your iPhone 4 ready to use.

Or follow these 6 steps.

Step 1

If you're keeping your existing Vodafone mobile number

Look on the back of the MicroSIM that came with your iPhone 4 and you'll see a number. Write this down - you'll need it when you come to activate it. You'll also need to write down the number that's on the back of the standard SIM in your current phone - you'll see why in Step 4.

Step 2

Make sure you've got an iTunes Music Store account

You activate your iPhone 4 using the iTunes software and store, so you need an iTunes account. This will also be useful when you start downloading music, apps and more.

Step 3

Back up all your contacts and calendar details

Even if you're getting a new number with your iPhone 4 MicroSIM, you'll still want to keep all the contacts and calendar details stored on your current phone. Use a quick and easy back-up service to save everything until you're ready to put it all onto your new iPhone 4.

How to back up your phone

Step 4

Activate your MicroSIM (existing Vodafone customers only)

To activate your iPhone 4's MicroSIM, go to our simple online form.

This is where you'll need those SIM numbers you wrote down in Step 1.

Note: It may take up to 24 hours to activate your MicroSIM. If you're moving your number from a standard SIM, you'll know this has happened when the phone containing that SIM stops showing Vodafone UK on the homescreen.

Step 5

Activate your iPhone 4

To activate your iPhone 4, insert your MicroSIM then connect to iTunes using the cable provided - it plugs into a USB socket on your computer. Your iPhone 4 should be recognised automatically by the software. Then just follow the on-screen instructions.

Step 6

Sync all your contacts and calendar details

This is the final step. Using the back-up service you chose in Step 3, download all your stored contact and calendar details to your new iPhone 4.

And that's it - you're ready to enjoy your iPhone 4.

Getting started with your iPhone 3GS

Three simple steps and you're done

It's easy to set up the basics on your iPhone - here's how

  • A Mac or PC with a USB port
  • Connection to the internet - so you can activate your iPhone
  • The latest version of iTunes (see Step 3)
  • An iTunes Store account (to buy from the iTunes Store or App Store)

1 Insert your SIM

Step 1 - Insert your SIM

In the box your iPhone came in, you'll find a SIM eject tool. It's attached to the inside of the black booklet that has the user guide.

This tool opens the SIM tray - insert it fully and the tray will open slightly so you can pull it out. Put your SIM into the tray and slide it back into your iPhone.

Press the power button at the top of your iPhone to switch it on.

2 Charge your iPhone

Step 2 - Charge your iPhone

Before you can charge your iPhone, you need to put together the mains charger.

n the box your iPhone came in you'll find the charger head, as well as a USB cable. Insert the USB cable into the charger head and put the other end into the bottom of your iPhone.

Plug the charger head into the mains, then switch on to charge your iPhone.

3 Activate your iPhone

Step 3 - Activate your iPhone

To use your iPhone, you need to activate it by connecting to iTunes. Your iPhone will prompt you to do this. Here's how to activate it if you're switching from another phone:

  1. Check your voicemail
  2. Move your contacts, photos and music off of your current phone (you won't be able to access them once your new SIM is activated)
  3. Put in your new SIM (see Step 1 on this page) and charge your iPhone
  4. Download and install the latest version of iTunes from
  5. Connect your iPhone to your computer - iTunes automatically recognises it
  6. Make sure you're connected to the internet - it's essential to activate your iPhone
  7. Follow the instructions on your computer's screen

Getting more from your iPhone

Transfer your contacts

How to copy your contacts from your SIM to your phone

Want to transfer all your numbers from your SIM to your iPhone's Contacts app? No problem - you can do it in a few easy steps.

  • From the Home screen, tap Settings
  • Scroll down and tap Mail, Contacts, Calendars
  • Scroll down to the bottom and tap Import SIM Contacts
  • When the message that appears on your screen disappears, all your contacts will be in your iPhone's Contacts app

Set up e-mail

How to set up your email

As long as you know the username and password for your email account, setting up email on your iPhone is simple. Not sure if you've got these details? Ask your email service provider. Here's how to add an account.

  • From the Home screen, tap Settings
  • Scroll down and tap Mail, Contacts, Calendars
  • Choose Add Account
  • Choose your email provider - if it's not listed, choose Other
  • Put in your email account details

Your iPhone will then look up your email server settings online. If it finds them, it'll finish adding your email account. If it can't find them, you'll get a screen that lets you enter them yourself.